Tuesday, October 18, 2011

IOT and Upgrade

IOTs created when the DB is lesser than 9.2 compatible and then later upgraded to 10g and above, they become corrupt. We noticed this problem in a different area; in Advanced Queues.
Queue tables by default have some underlying attached to them.

Oracle documents them as
AQ$_"queue_table"_I (the dequeue IOT)
AQ$_"queue_table"_T (the time-management IOT)
AQ$_"queue_table"_S (the subscriber table)
AQ$_"queue_table"_H (the history IOT)

After an upgrade we noticed that the queues just would not function until they were dropped and recreated.
This seemed a little ruthless so we then exported the queue tables along with these IOTS.
Then dropped the queues and tables in the upgraded system and imported them.
Easy fix :)

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